about me 

Height: 5"1 / Weight: 105  |   Eye Color: Blue/Green   |   Hair Color: Auburn

I am a NY based actress, voice over artist, writer and film producer. Here is a sample of my work. Please use the button at bottom or contact me for full resume. Thank you!



Frank Coraci      |   Hot Air  |   Principal

Neal Hemphill   |   Reservations   |   Lead

Smeralda Abel  |   Customer #935   |   Lead


Carl Franklin   |   The Leftovers   |   Guest Star

Laura Sweeney   |   Mommy Mafia   |   Guest Star

Tim Van Patten   |   The Sopranos ( Final Season )  |   Guest Star


Illana Stein   |   Sunnyside Impressions   |   Claire

Abbingdon Theatre   |   The Hushbacker Lullaby   |   Mara

The LAByrinth Theatre   |   Manhattan Solstice   |   Rebecca/ Jessica

 Training & Workshops 

NYU Tisch Drama  |   Circle in the Square   |   BFA


​ACTING : Allen Savage, Philip Seymour Hoffman, 

George DiCenzo     


FILM/TV TECHNIQUE: Bob Krakower, Gary Perez, Kimberly Graham,

James Callieri    

              VOICE OVER:  Marla Kirban           




VOICE: Andrea Haring, John Cook, John Sperry, Bestsy Parrish


 Special Skills 

Screenwriter, Producer, Voice Over, Marketing, Dance, Sing (Alto), Standin, Photo Double, Southern, French and NY Accents, Stage Combat, Valid Passport, NY Drivers License, Wedding Hugger, Former J&J Baby

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